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General information

We are planning to organize a workshop for Students and Early Career Scientists in Plant Molecular Farming. The idea is to give the stage to Students and Early Career Scientist to present their work and discuss their approaches. Also, participants are welcome to actively participate in organizing and running the event, e.g. as session chairs, scientific committee members, suggest social activities, propose topics for training / round table discussions, etc. The event is envisioned to be a combination of scientific sessions (oral and poster presentation), training units (to be identified), discussions (such as round tables, Q&A sessions) and social events (meet & greet, speed dating, pre- / post-event activities).
The event (venue, catering, registration, website) will be jointly coordinated by Markus Sack (Pro-SPR GmbH) and Ulrich Commandeur (Institute for molecular Biotechnology, RWTH Aachen University). Young Scientists are strongly encouraged to take an active part in defining the program and activities. This is YOUR event! Senior scientists are of course welcome to share their expertise and experiences, but the stage is essentially reserved for Young Scientists. The event will take place once we receive at least 40 informal expression of interests to participate (EoI2P). The maximal number of participants is 100. Please send your EoI2P to

Getting involved

There are several ways for taking an active part in the organization and running of the work shop, e.g. organizing a session, propose an activity, prepare the work shop booklet with program, participants, abstracts…, organize a round table discussion and many others. If you are interested, please send an Email to


There are also many ways for sponsoring the event. Sponsoring will help us to keep the registration fee low and to make the event more broadly accessible. You can e.g. directly sponsor a participant by covering the travel costs or you can sponsor a reception, catering or social activity. Support for Young Scientists from developing countries is particularly welcome. Companies interested in advertising their products and services are welcome. Please contact the organizers via
What happens next?
Please react quickly and let us know if you consider participating in this event. The sooner we know the easier the organization of the event will be. A website will be setup [insert web address] to announce further details and provide a portal for the registration.
We are looking forward to your active participation in this event.
The Organizers